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The Big Issue: Ownership→

What advantages (or disadvantages) do you see for consumers in large companies, such as Coca Cola, Asahi, Coles and Woolworths, entering the Australian craft beer market?

[..] The disadvantages are that we are left where we started. The same few big brands taking up all the shelf space with the illusion of choice. The entry-level segment in Australian beer is growing at an extreme rate right now but every company and every brand in that space is more or less putting out the same beer. I’m often told that’s a positive because it gets good beer out to more places, but if the end result is shelves full of nothing but low IBU pale and golden ales then it’s a pretty boring one.

Some good stuff about whether craft beer is still craft when brewed for big business. More at Crafty Pint.


Today in Tabs is my favourite daily newsletter (I just wish it didn’t go on leave so much). This week, instead of Rusty going through the worst of the internet, he’s handed over the tabs to a different illustrator for Cartoon Week. Today’s issue – very good. Subscribe here.


Overcast Goes Free

Overcast, my preferred podcast player has dropped its add-on upgrade and gone totally free. Smart speed and vocal boost make podcast listening easier, and the app doesn’t crash unlike other podcasting apps I’ve used. Get on it.


Buy Yourself Happy→

Still, there is that nagging doubt that no number of drinks or drugs or sex partners or narcotizing episodes of television can kill: What if I’m not even the hero in my own story? What if I’m actually as appalling as I imagine in those rare moments of clarity where I am able to step out of my own personal narrative and see myself as others must? Is there anything I can do to change my trajectory and somehow become the better person I need to be? The answer, sadly, is no: People don’t change.