Buy Yourself Happy→

Still, there is that nagging doubt that no number of drinks or drugs or sex partners or narcotizing episodes of television can kill: What if I’m not even the hero in my own story? What if I’m actually as appalling as I imagine in those rare moments of clarity where I am able to step out of my own personal narrative and see myself as others must? Is there anything I can do to change my trajectory and somehow become the better person I need to be? The answer, sadly, is no: People don’t change.


The Artisan Chicken Sandwich Eater’s Dilemma→

Fast food that the affluent can eat while simultaneously absolving their various levels of guilt over eating it—and that can be used to loudly point to their conscientiousness and guiltlessness—allows it to at last be smoothly folded into the grand tradition of the middle class and the rich shaming the poor for making ethically compromised choices: They don’t merely eat too much fast food, polluting their bodies; they’re eating “inhumane” fast food that is harmful to animals and the environment, even though there are now perfectly good and humane and moral and healthy(ish) options are available.